Digital Marketing Essentials Starting at $399 per month!


Digital Marketing Essentials Starting at $399 per month!


Website Managed Hosting

Reliable, Fast, Secure Hosting

Website hosting is a mystery to a lot of business owners. Adding to the confusion, pricing varies wildly, from practically free to potentially thousands of dollars per month. An obvious question is, what could possibly be the difference?
managed website hosting

Discounted Website Hosting for Our Marketing Essentials Clients

Mostly, the differences deal with capacity, redundancy, security and disaster recovery. In its simplest form, a website host is just a computer that’s connected to the Internet, running hosting software. Like most things, subjected to the practical realities of the world wide web, serving web pages is complicated at best.
Capacity comes in the form of server resources (memory, storage, etc.), and bandwidth, which is a measure of how much data can flow in and out of the server. Low cost web hosts put severe restrictions on available bandwidth, as well as imposing rigid storage limits. As long as you aren’t up against those limits, it doesn’t matter, but as your website gains popularity, capacity can become a real problem.
Redundancy is a means for ensuring your website remains live in the event of a data outage or server problem. The concept is simple, although the process for creating redundancy is not. If server A goes out, server B stands ready to take over. Likewise, if a data pipe into and out of your server fails, redundancy means having more than one data route available.
Security is critical. Most business owners are blissfully unaware that their websites are constantly under attack. We do the worrying for you, so you can concentrate on running your company. Our security measures are explained in detail below.
Disaster recover is just what it sounds like. If everything blows up, we have systems to get you back online–usually within minutes.

Managed Website Hosting

Managed hosting is a key element of our Digital Marketing Essentials plan. Typically, managed hosting addresses server and bandwidth issues, but we also take care of website security and frontend updates, like plugins and the WordPress engine itself.

That way, your entire website environment is never more than a few days from being updated with the most recent releases of every component. We also monitor to make sure your website it up and running as it should be. Any out of the ordinary triggers an appropriate notification, and is looked into right away. We also conduct human checks at least weekly.
  1. Bandwidth to support daily traffic, plus temporary bursts in traffic
  2. SSL Certificate and CA-signed certificate renewals
  3. Server-side security updates
  4. Server performance enhancements
  5. Nightly backups, plus incremental backups
  6. Website restoration if necessary
  7. Disaster recovery
  8. Updates to website CMS software and plugins
  9. Uptime monitoring
  10. Security monitoring
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Website Security

secured managed hosting
It doesn’t matter what we do if your website gets hacked or goes down. Most people are surprised to learn the average website is attacked hundreds to several thousand times every day. In addition to fending off hackers, your website host has just milliseconds to perform hundreds of tasks simultaneously, without fail, 24/7.

Cybersecurity is a major concern for business. Big-business data breaches make the news all the time, but hacking poses a significant threat to small businesses as well. There are countless reasons hackers hack, but here are the most common ones.
  1. Inject Malicious Content
  2. Spread Viruses
  3. Steal Visitors’ Personal Information
  4. Steal Business’ Private Information
  5. Host Phishing Pages from Your Server
  6. Host “Legit” Pages from Your Server
  7. Overload Your Web Server
  8. Steal Server Bandwidth
  9. Vandalize Your Website
Hacking attempts have increased in frequency at an alarming rate. A few years ago, a typical website on our network would experience a few dozen hacking attempts daily. It’s several hundred today, but the rate is increasing. Think for a moment. That’s your website fending off potentially thousands of attackers every single day.

Our engineering team works constantly to stay ahead of online assailants, but it is a cat and mouse game that the host doesn’t always win. Our ability to respond is as critical as minimizing the possibility of a breach in the first place.

As part of our essentials plan, we provide fully managed hosting, free. Managed hosting means we actively monitor your website for uptime and security, make critical updates and run backups—lots and lots of backups.
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